• Mason Morris

Finding My Ideal Hotel Stay with PointsCrowd: A Personal Journey

My experience using a free hotel search platform for rewards.

As a travel enthusiast who’s been accumulating points and miles for years, I was always on the lookout for the most efficient way to maximize these hard-earned rewards. That's when I accidentally stumbled across PointsCrowd on Facebook, a free search engine designed to help users like me make the most of their travel rewards. Looking to plan my next vacation, I decided to try out this tool to find the perfect hotel for my points stash.

Setting Up My Points Wallet

Setting Up My Points Wallet My journey began with setting up my personal Points Wallet on PointsCrowd. Inputting my various points and miles was a breeze, and I was impressed by how intuitive the interface was. For the first time, I could see all my rewards in one place without having to log into several accounts. This clarity was precisely what I needed to begin my search for the perfect hotel stay.
The Search for Luxury I've always had a for luxury travel, and PointsCrowd didn't disappoint. With my Points Wallet ready, I used the search engine to find hotel stays in Paris, a city I had longed to return to. I wanted a place that could offer not just a room to sleep in, but an experience to remember.

Personalized search results

The results were astounding. PointsCrowd showcased a list of high-end hotels, many of which I could book using my points. My attention was drawn to the luxurious historic hotel near the Palais Garnier - InterContinental Hotels Paris - Le Grand, which promised a combination of Parisian charm and lavish luxury. And most importantly, it was within my points budget.
The Wish list feature was very handy as I wanted to discuss the plan with my partner before making any decisions. It also allowed me to keep track of several other options and compare them with each other.
With my partner's happy agreement, we decided to book a hotel. Since I already had the required number of points, 272k IHG Rewards Club points, I went directly from the proposed PointsCrowd trip to booking a room at the InterContinental Hotels Paris - Le Grand for the dates I needed, which was also very convenient.

General impressions

Reflecting on my experience with PointsCrowd, it's evident that the service is a game-changer for anyone with a collection of travel rewards. The personal wallet, favorites list, and progress tracking features simplified what used to be a daunting task for me. Thanks to PointsCrowd, I'm now counting down the days until I step into the luxurious embrace of that Parisian hotel, all thanks to the smart usage of my rewards points. It was an enlightening experience, proving that the right tools can indeed turn your points into the trip of a lifetime.
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