• Cara Schuster

Astral Plane Traveler

Ok, so maybe that is a bit too woo. But seriously, I was born in the middle of a field with nothing but the stars above. I didn't have much connection growing up, and largely went without. The only source I could rely on was the mystery that was held in nature, and due to not having much around aside from the alfalfa fields, it was the sky that held my gaze. Later in life I became appreciative of the prairie and its deep roots, but those formative first years all I could do was wish dream of new landscapes and cultures, and it's something I never grew out of. I haven't taken the test yet, but I wonder about the "wanderlust gene" DRD4-7R.

After years of working through my childhood trauma, focusing on holistic health, moving across the country multiple times and spending as much time in other countries as was possible for my circumstances, I decided I wanted to help others find joy and healing through travel as a travel coach.

Yes, I can book your accommodations as well! I am a travel advisor powered by the fabulous Fora. Booking with me will you get rock star service and often times, perks.


Examples of Who Might Benefit From Working With A Travel Coach

  • someone looking to make a major life change

  • someone who is unsure if they can travel solo

  • an unexperienced person looking for guidance on how to travel

  • someone who might be interested in becoming an expat

  • someone looking for a very unique experience

  • someone who wants to be involved in their own planning process

  • so much more!

Who Needs A Travel Advisor/Agent?

  • someone looking for a tailored itinerary to be created for them

  • someone who loves hotels and the top notch services they provide

  • someone who doesn't have time to plan their trips

  • someone who doesn't want to deal with phone calls regarding travel changes

Read ahead for some tips on how to take advantage of working with a travel advisor! How to use a travel advisor by Fora


I will leave this beautiful property for you to swoon over. Sustainability found in NYC.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Facing a year-long delay and new regulations from the floods of Hurricane Sandy, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge doesn’t miss a beat in showcasing its innovative sustainability practices. Half of the hotel was built from recycled and regionally sourced material, and its rooms are decorated with upcycled art, works of local artists and plenty of Brooklyn style. On the tenth floor, the plunge pool is supported by cafes with locally-sourced ingredients.

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