• Cara Schuster

Where do you put your energy?

Wellness Travel; vicarious or actual, we all need it. Now.

I don't want this to read as a downer post, but more so something that might resonate with what you might be feeling. It has been difficult for me to wrap my mind around talking about or promoting travel as of late. We are facing challenges that cannot be ignored, and unfortunately one of them - the climate crisis - has to be tread with great care when it comes to the topic of travel.

I cannot in good conscious suggest taking a short but fab weekend trip via plane, plan a careless trip for folks looking for a mindless reprieve, or book a Caribbean cruise just because it's cheap. The three things you need to keep in mind when wondering how your trip is going to affect the great good;

  1. Social Justice

  2. Economic Development

  3. Environmental Integrity

We really need to have some intention happening here. Yes, I think you should travel. But at the very least, we need to set an intention on how it can be for the good of the rest of humanity.

  • Do research before you go, learn something about where you are going.

  • Spend your money at locally owned businesses.

  • Travel for longer if possible, but less frequently. (Carbon emissions!)

  • Tip the folks who are assisting you. A little from many goes much further than nothing.

  • Think about what you would like to learn about yourself on this trip.

  • Take what you have learned and integrate that into your life at home.

Where we put our energy matters. Many of you need a well deserved vacation that you are unable, or too uncomfortable, to take right now. What are some things we can do to facilitate vicarious wellness travel? I love to start with themes. Typically, the location of where I wish I could go will tip it off. What classifies wellness travel? Anything that makes you feel better than before you started.

Mind - Body - Spirit

  • Watch films. Foreign films have a much different style than Hollywood American films.

  • Read books set in that location. Let yourself be transported with a great novel.

  • Cook food. Get creative with books by authors native to that area.

  • Research healing modalities from where you would like to go. Seek out a local practitioner who might specialize in that, and give yourself some self-care.

  • Work with healing herbs native to that area. Teas and tisanes work well too, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Maybe these suggestions will passive your need until the time is right. And now, for a little fantasy, because that's what keeps us wanderlusters going, am I right?

The Pig Hotel is a collection of lovely properties in England. They offer onsite organically food and body treatments. Take a train from London, and you are there. I do not receive commissions from this collection, but I have been dying to share!

I would get a massage in a Potting Shed or Shepard's Hut surrounded by fields of herbs, wouldn't you?

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